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November 305, 2022
Robin Thorngren
July 212, 2022
Nice people. Beautiful store.
John Jones
July 194, 2022
Very interesting and customer service store. I enjoyed in person and also by website sales
July 190, 2022
Was in your store one year ago and purchased two ball caps, order two more today.
Dennis Godaire
July 185, 2022
Hello Everyone ... I've been to your store many times. Lived in New London for 60 years and now I'm in North Carolina. I'll be visiting Mystic at the end of July 2022. See ya then.
Richard Russ
February 53, 2021
A very nice store with friendly staff -- Good Selection --- Worth a Visit !
Justin LoPresti
August 219, 2020
The best place ever I love it keep on the good work
Scott Fishman
October 301, 2019
I have not been in a Army And Navy store in years. Nice store. Gordon and the owner was nice to meet you
Anthony Acquaro
September 259, 2019
Hello Michelle. My wife Ellen (Taylor) and I went to North Hight School (Class of 62), Worcester, Mass. Very sorry to read of his passing. My wife's brother is also a retired Navy Hellicopter pilot who also commanded the USS Iwo Jima and was XO on the USS Bataan. We are in Florida now and will stop by if we ever drive back up to New England. All the best.
Wm Arsenault
August 221, 2019
Heading up from Pennsylvania tomorrow to visit family in MASS. Can't wait to visit!
May 135, 2019
Hi Larry, how are you? Where is my counter? I've made this site in 1997 and my genuine counter of visitors isn't on the frontpage. Keep up the good wotk!
Alan Morris
December 347, 2017
We visited the area and I wandered into the store and was immediately was back in 1970. Purchased veterans hat and GI gloves I always loved. Love this store. They were very accommodating and helpful!
Jan Yaden
September 260, 2017
Shopped at this wonderful store while visiting Connecticut. Great selection and prices. My Dad purchased a hat repping his fathers division, 11th airborn. ,
Deanna Eaton
September 248, 2017
Loved the store!! Past weekend we my first time to the coast. This place was one of my favorite stops. Very excited I can shop online, considering I'm from MO.
Jon McGovern
August 217, 2017
I visited your store once on Vacation a while back & it is an Awesome Store we need more Stores like that in every State
Travis Walls
April 102, 2017
Love visiting your store, made sure to list you guys as a shop on AirsoftC3. Will be spreading the word and doing business again!
mike credit
March 77, 2017
great store, i buy my boots hete exclusively. Friendly, knowledgeable staff always eager to help.
Grace Cullen
January 14, 2017
was at your store and will be coming back many times gret stuff
John Kinkade
April 109, 2016
Was at your store the other day. very nice.
David Hiltabidel
December 364, 2015
Great stores lots of great stuff l bought a pair of combat boots like 10 years ago lookingfor a new pair will be in mystic soon
November 320, 2015
I purchased a double thick hoodie with "Mystic" written across the chest about 15 years ago. This still continues to be my favorite! Do you still sell these? I'd like to get another, please reply? Thanks.
Matthew Caples
September 262, 2015
I love your stores...I *always* go when I'm in The Village...this year I got "carded" and showed my DD-214 when I bought a pin...loovvee that!!!- AO³0(ret) MDC!!!
June 169, 2015
Stopped for water purification tablets and you were out but very helpful, nice stop for this old grunt
Gary Clark
November 323, 2014
Outpost ready, radio secure, 2meter drifter
Sam Fyfe
October 284, 2014
Looking for a ball cap 24th infantry Division
Terrence J. Fitzgerald
October 281, 2014
Looking for another USN Foul Weather Jacket
Rolland Miner
February 41, 2014
Looking for a US Navy A2 foul weather jacket
robert benner
December 356, 2013
searching for cold weather deck jacket model A-2
October 300, 2013
RIP Larry, we will miss you. Fair winds and following seas.
sam allen
October 298, 2013
you have some great stuff.
August 213, 2013
i,am looking for stoves
Doc Rocky
July 185, 2013
That was my nickname in Nam where I was a combat medic. Vacationed in Mystic this past Memorial Day and just had to stop in. You're the only place I found that had a pin ChuLai with the year I was there. I wear it now next to my Americal Division pin. Thanks Michelle
Duane Tyree
April 95, 2013
I'm interested in Jackets and clothes
clarence ostergaard
December 347, 2012
I`m interested in any military,special forces unarmed combat manuals
November 318, 2012
please add me to your guest book
Jim Law
October 304, 2012
looking for old Navy flat hat/overseas shat
john m smederovac
October 288, 2012
one year ago i purchased a cold war/vietnam war era o.d. navy deck jacket. i am very satisfied. now i am looking for a updated,(navy blue) deck jacket with a hm first class crow. can you assist me? size 1x
Rosemarie Cady
September 263, 2012
AWESOME STORE!!!! I'm looking for Navy 13 button tie back dress blue pants size 29w 30"L you had them in your store but not in my size :( I have been looking all over for these. I hope you can get them for me.
Joseph Murphy
August 241, 2012
Great site, awesome prices.
Victor Valadez
July 192, 2012
plz put me on e-mail notification for info preferably a catalog request
July 192, 2012
I'm italian, I visited the shop in june '12: very fine !!! Hallo!!!
Tina Raymond
July 191, 2012
I am looking to see if you guys do tee shirts with army on it and my son's name that is in the army.
Will Fountain
June 156, 2012
do you stock 550 parachute cord? thank you
Sue Starbird
May 149, 2012
Hi, Im in MA but have family in Norwich. We hang out in Mystic all the time and ialways have to stop in and shop with u guys I love ur place!!!
Jackie Mazzarella
February 60, 2012
Love your store. Shop there all the time both in the store and on-line :-)
dave hiltabidel
February 39, 2012
i am looking for a large alice pack and cost thanx for your time
Ralp Fall
January 25, 2012
Like to order 2 plain 14 oz Mess deck military mugs
Catherine Meyer
January 15, 2012
Just wanted you to know my son LOVED his backpack and the Air Force poster! So happy I found you. Now a pack for mom to use a work!!
January 07, 2012
Lots of cool unexpected gear in a shop that size, will be back for more. First lightning!
Jon Massengale JR
December 365, 2011
Waiting for size 5 Jungle Boots :0)
George Cutillo
November 306, 2011
George Cutillo October 31, 2011 I was in your two stores, bought a airforce veteranscap. I,am looking foranything you might beable to find on 416th Bomb Wing Griffiss Air Force Base ,Rome New York. I was stationed there from Feb 1963 to Feb 1965
Garry Grabins
October 301, 2011
Please let me know when you have an XL or 2XL A2 Deck Jacket. Thanks
October 283, 2011
Dear Sir, I'm looking to piece together my old Air Force uniform. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Mitchell
Victor DeCapua
September 247, 2011
Im looking for a black or navy blue poplin waist length jacket with embroidered US NAVY on right breast. Size 48 or 50. I saw a small size in your Mystiv Village store.
Raymond Mack
August 224, 2011
Purchased a US Navy Veterans Cap yesterday but still looking for a Shellback T-Shirt and Challenge coin.
Jim McGuire
August 220, 2011
Larry, it was a pleasure to meet you on Friday. Thanks again for sharing the picture of the USS Wasp CV7 with me. My uncle was a chief petty officer on the wasp and survived the sinking. It was great that I found a patch for CV7. I am framing it for my Aunt who has a pictuire of my uncle in uniform.
July 191, 2011
Larry,see you soon
April 112, 2011
my family visited your store while on vacation last week. the young lady was very informative on your products and very friendly. we will not only stop in again but will be ordering from your web site.
tom carroll jr.
March 82, 2011
Just like the battlezone in orange, ct..your store meets, and greets vets like family!
sando australia
March 70, 2011
march 10,2011,i was at your store in october 2010,while i was vacationing from australia,and i was glad with all the service i received,and i to will continue to shop with your store in future
March 61, 2011
Shop with confidence with these folks. I had a problem with my order. I told Michelle about it at 10:00 am. She had it solved by 5:00 pm the same day. That's customer service. I'll be back. A++++++
Tony Ochoa
January 31, 2011
Sirs, thank you for making my nationwide vacation a great experience! I can't believe I drove all the way from Calif to Conn and find many items I couldn't get here. Thanx for coming through for me and I will continue to shop at Mystic Army Navy in the future.
elvinah allen
January 04, 2011
love your store
January 04, 2011
Great store. Very friendly people. Thank you for having what I needed!
Anna Barnes
December 340, 2010
I'm interested in purchasing some gift certificates, how can I do this?
November 317, 2010
You guys are the best-Great store, great service, in person or online... Thanks again!
May 139, 2010
love your store
March 89, 2010
I used to get your catalog years ago, I'm glad I came across you guys again,great place.
Bill Aigner
October 304, 2009
Cool site. Great people to deal with.